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Like most IT buzzwords today, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP or Voice over IP) means different things to different people. What's more, the benefits and future implications for VoIP are different depending on which publication you read. However, it is certain that VoIP is a key up-and-coming technology, and Samsung Telecoms is committed to providing access to this emerging technology to enable a range of cost-saving communications functions for business users.
So what is VoIP? Many assume that VoIP is synonymous with Voice over Internet, allowing international calls and advanced functions such as tele- and videoconferencing - all for the price of a local call. However, current infrastructure is not able to handle such large masses of additional call traffic with the astronomic growth in Internet usage. There would be delays, call drop-outs and other reliability problems, not to mention security concerns.

VoIP instead means using the Internet Protocol for routing and delivering calls in the same way that data and video are sent now, utilising spare bandwidth over existing data links and leased lines to reduce the ongoing cost of call traffic between linked sites.

Shifting telephone traffic, as well as fax transmissions, to internal data lines saves companies money; and combining phone and data networks eliminates the need for separate information pipelines and separate staff to manage and maintain them. It's claimed that companies can slash their phone budgets by 35 percent by moving voice traffic to its data network.

Put simply, VoIP redefines the next wave of data and phone integration, creating more effective applications and lowering communications costs.

With an ever-increasing demand for this technology Samsung Telecoms has developed a range of VoIP integrated communication systems and a Media Gateway for non-VoIP enabled legacy system users to fully benefit from the added functionality VoIP offers.

Samsung OfficeServ 100 & 500; Won - What to Buy for Business GOOD VALUE (LAN Telephony)

Communication is the driving force behind any organisation and your telecommunications infrastructure is the key asset in providing resilient and effective connections to the outside world.


OfficeServ 500 has been designed specifically to provide the power to handle any task, creating a tailor-made solution that uses the latest Internet Protocol (IP) applications hand in hand with the intelligence of more traditional telecoms technology. With a comprehensive range of features and functionality, the Samsung OfficeServ offers an effective, affordable solution for any organisation.

Flexibility and reliability

Communication now means much more than making and taking calls. It is now possible to access and share voice, fax, video and data through solutions that create a synergy between voice and data networks to open up a host of business opportunities. Flexibility is a key feature of the OfficeServ range, offering you the benefit of a bespoke solution to meet the individual needs of small and medium-sized businesses and organisations. Incorporating IP and enhanced Networking technology, the OfficeServ 500 can support up to 360 digital and 240 IP extensions per node, with the ability to intelligently link systems across multiple sites.

In addition, a range of ergonomic handsets are available for the OfficeServ 500 to provide for each user 's precise needs.

Investing today for your future

With a modular architecture that allows cost-effective, incremental expansion you can rest assured that your OfficeServ solution can be upgraded to offer more services as your needs evolve. Features such as inter-site networking, home and remote working, ISDN, DECT, Desktop applications, Call Centre functionality, Integral Voicemail and Least-Cost Routing (LCR) bring efficiency and simplicity to all your communications needs.

Branching out with IP telephony

Voice over IP (VoIP) vastly reduces communication costs by encoding your telephone and fax calls into Internet Protocol then routing them in the same way that data is sent - utilising spare bandwidth on existing data links. However, OfficeServ IP solutions can offer much more than purely cost benefits. Using IP protocols including H.323, G.711, G723, G729 and SIP the OfficeServ builds applications that share and can utilise the full functionality offered by the system whether it be an individual handset or an entirely separate office, creating one central solution that reaches every user. With the ability to easily connect individuals and groups to the OfficeServ through any data connection in any location OfficeServ makes home, branch and multi-site working a simple reality.

Hot Desking - complete connectivity for roaming staff

If members of your staff often work from different locations or departments within your office, then hot desking can be an invaluable tool. By entering individual access codes, users can move between different desks and even transfer their own personal features - such as access to voicemail, speed dials and pre-programmed functions - to the relevant handset.


OfficeServ 12 officerserv12
The OfficeServ 12 has been designed to provide the full range of advanced communications features for smaller sites. Customers can choose wired or wireless connectivity for business voice and data applications.



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